Geneva Institute for Human Rights

The first training program entitled "Enhancing the Capabilities of Kuwaiti Women's Associations Union Members in Women's Rights" took place from March 2023.

The Kuwaiti Women's Associations Union affirmed its commitment to enhancing the role of women in society, reinforcing their status, and developing their capabilities across various government and private sectors to achieve sustainable community development.

The Chairperson of the Union's Board of Directors, Sheikha Fadia Al-Saad, stated during the training course, organized in collaboration with the Geneva Office for Human Rights, that this training program falls within the framework of a joint cooperation agreement in the field of promoting and protecting women's rights and the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

She explained that the first session includes three courses, which will be held sequentially until August of the next year. The course was attended by 21 participants holding advanced academic qualifications, representing various sectors in the country, both in the government and private sectors. These participants come from diverse backgrounds, including politics, thought, and human rights.

The collaboration between the Union and the Geneva Office for Human Rights aims to strengthen and protect women's rights, as well as promoting them by developing programs and projects that focus on enhancing the capabilities of those working in this field. The goal is to disseminate a human rights culture, share experiences, and expand knowledge in the field of women's rights.

On his part, the Executive Director of the Geneva Institute for Human Rights, Nazar Abdelkader, stated that the training course focuses on general concepts, covering various topics such as human rights-related concepts and terminology. It delves into the historical evolution of human rights, United Nations bodies dealing with human rights, equality, and non-discrimination.

The course also examines women's rights issues, the development of international agreements, charters, and international resolutions related to women's rights. This includes the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and its accompanying protocol. It will also discuss Kuwait's stance on all these international agreements. Furthermore, the course will address the concept of gender-based violence and women's participation in political life.

Dr. Haila Al-Mukaimi, a Professor of Political Science at Kuwait University and a member of the Kuwaiti Women's Associations Union, emphasized that the course aims to raise social awareness about the importance of human rights and enhance women's capabilities to further Kuwait's role and efforts in the field of human rights